Jeffrey S. Bennett

Washington & Oregon Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Jeff Bennett tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys. Photo by Tonya Bennett.

Jeff Bennett is a tireless attorney and works hard for his clients. However, when the tie comes off, Jeff sheds his courtroom persona and dons fishing gear, plugs a strat into a big amp, or fires up his motorcycle. At the risk of understatement, he and his wife passionately pursue endless arrays of adventures beyond the confines of their offices. 

Jeff is an avid fisherman, decent musician and photographer,  and an impassioned traveler. In his younger days, Jeff wrote many books on whitewater rafting, kayaking and snowboarding, and he appeared in many outdoor and travel magazines. Older and grayer, he now has all of the battle scars that plague aging adrenaline addicts... but also has a ton of great stories to accompany them.

While pursuing far more sedentary adventures these days, Jeff and his wife still enjoy visiting new destinations and finding serendipity in all of their travels. 

This page shares a few of Jeff's  book covers - along with his photos from just some of his adventures - for your viewing pleasure.

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Jeffrey S. Bennett

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